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Welcome to the Official Website of Zazz Engineering, Inc.

Zazz Engineering, Inc. provides the next generation of engine room ventilation technology. Based in Stuart, Florida, we can provide cutting-edge products for many types of marine vessels, including commercial, military, and pleasure boats. Please visit our
Products page for more information.

• Keep moisture where it belongs with our revolutionary, ABS-compliant weather closure: the
• Read about our new
multi-voltage failsafe actuator design.
• Our
Axial Fans will blow you away.
• Stay safe with our A-60 rated, ABS-compliant, stainless steel
fire dampers.
• Get your hands on
ATC, the most advanced touch-based ventilation control in the industry.
• Zazz Products are built for more than just marine use. Take a look at our Applications page to see what else they can do.

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